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I’ve been using the ipad for almost a year now and it’s been really a great tool in law school so far. Below is an initial list of the applications I found useful and made things a whole a lot easier for me. I’ll add on to this list if I run on some new things later.

1. Dropbox 

This is a must as it makes everything so much easier. Basically, it’s just like a physical dropbox (as aptly named) where you drop in all of your files that you want to share (with other people) or synchronize in your mobile devices or other computers. It saves you time as you don’t need to do the normal uploading and downloading of files or carry a USB stick that are the usual ways of doing things. Its just like apple’s mobile me but FREE. It gives you a maximum of  8GB of free space. So, your files can now be accessed in your computer, mobile devices, and virtually anywhere as the files are also available in the dropbox website.

All that is needed is to create your account. Once that is done, download the free app for your mobile device.

2. Good Reader

Good Reader is the best reader for any file in the iphone or the ipad. It also allows you to annotate (including making highlights and notes w/in the files.) It has lots of functions like cropping the files currently being viewed to fit the ipad or the iphone and best of all is it syncs with dropbox so you can access all your files in dropbox within goodreader and any updates you made in it is synchronized which is very useful when you’re working with other people.  Here’s the iphone and ipad versions.

3. To Do

To do is an application for making to do lists! Studying in law school takes a lot of time and maintaining a to do list will help in ensuring that those precious 24 hours don’t get wasted by unnecessary activities which are not part of your plan for the day. To do is the best app for the job and if you want to get those hours back, download the iphone and ipad versions now and start maintaining your to do list.

4. iA Writer

As the name shows, Writer is a simple no-nonsense note-taking app for the ipad. This can be very helpful in taking down notes during lecture and the customized virtual keyboard it has is so much more delightful to type with than the default one for the ipad. It also syncs with dropbox so that comes in handy. Try it now.

5. Audio Memos

Audio is also very useful when conducting interviews or simply when recording lectures in class. It has a function which makes the volume of the recorded audio file louder and there are also various means of sharing and transferring of the recorded file. Just be sure to ask your Professors first prior to recording as there are some Professors who are not comfortable with the idea of a student recording their lectures. Download it here.

6. Angry Birds

All work and no play makes John a dull boy. So make sure that you place in some time in the day to give yourself some time to relax and unwind. Go and an play time in your to do list and play angry birds, one of the most addictive game in the iphone and the ipad. You can play it anytime you want so no need to worry as it won’t take much of your time like Role Playing Games and MMORPGs will.

That’s all for now. I’ll add on to the list later.