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If you love the Cornell note-taking method (here‘s more info about it) and you want to be able to do so in your ipad, most likely, you are disappointed due to the lack of apps catering to this need yet. As I grew tired of waiting for an app, I decided to just create my own template in pages. Now, I can take cornell notes in my ipad as well using only the pages app, which most people probably have already.

I’ve set up the template to be in horizontal (landscape) mode by default which is how people usually take their notes using the ipad.

Just download the pages template here and create duplicates of the pages to create more. You can use this in the ipad and in your mac by using the pages application in the iwork suite. Good luck.

Updated version here: now with autoflow

Also, there is only one app so far for the ipad w/c makes use of a cornell-style note pad and that is noteshelf. The app is actually for hand-written notes and is actually quite excellent from my experience so far. Be sure to purchase a good stylus to be used together with noteshelf. The targus stylus for capacitive screens is very good, so go check that out.